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Redesign of the XRM Vision website

For a consulting firm offering management solutions, XRM Vision needed a much more efficient site. Their website needed a refresh and a new look. There was a lot, even too much, of content and the site didn’t really have a defined style. So we gave it a complete overhaul.

Content reorganization

The structure of the site needed to be completely revisited. Pages are now easier to use and site content is better organized and easier to find. All of this greatly facilitates navigation on the site and allows visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.

The home page, in particular, makes it possible to highlight their services in a much more obvious way.

Visual redesign

The site now has its own style, its main colors being blue and white. The two together make for a cleaner, more professional site that gives XMR Vision a personalized, modern feel.

Does your website need a new life?

It is important to carefully plan the redesign of a site and the reasons why a site must receive a facelift. Benefit from our experience!