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A web agency specializing in the creation and optimization of websites

Our role is to support you so that your SME takes its place on the web

What we can do to help you take your place on the web

At Caféine, we have specialized in creating and optimizing high-performing and effective WordPress websites for almost 10 years. We also help you get new customers using various proven web strategies.

We offer you web services to guarantee you a better peace of mind regarding your digital assets.

We also offer services tailored to your needs

Website optimization

Optimization of your website to make it more efficient

Website creation

Creation of personalized and efficient websites

Referencing (SEO)

Website optimization for search engines

Digital strategy

Global strategy to make you stand out on the web

Why are we better than others?

Our versatility

Our services are specifically for Wordpress sites, but we adapt our services to the needs of each client. Whether it’s the type of site you need to create, the type of maintenance you need on your site, we’re here to help.

Our transparency

From the first meetings, we remain honest about the types of work required and the extent of it. No hidden costs, no last minute sores, no work without your approval. We’re not at the garage!

Our cordiality

Oui, oui. C’est un mot! Our approach, while remaining professional, is more friendly than business. We talk business when it’s time, but we know how to stay friendly. All resulting in an agency close to its customers and available to them.

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