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Redesign and optimization of the Réseau Affaires Verdun website

After 3 years, the Réseau Affaires Verdun website no longer fully met the organization’s changing needs. The site was not updated, it was difficult to consult the list of members and the events were not put forward.

In addition, it is now essential for the organization to allow new members to register or renew their subscription online. In addition, online registration for events directly on the site is a necessity.

We have therefore completely revised the visual of the website, modernized the members’ section and added events as a predominant feature.

Members Section

The members section is now much easier to use. It is now very visual and members can update their profile themselves.

Registrations and renewals can easily be done online by members, which facilitates recruitment.

In addition, managing subscriptions for Réseau Affaires Verdun managers becomes easier at the same time.

The Events

The events are now prominently displayed on the homepage. The list is easy to consult in the events page and all the important details can be found there.

It is also now possible to purchase tickets for these directly on the site, which has been long awaited by members. This also facilitates the management of registrations for both participants and managers.

Communication with members

The visual signature of email communications with subscribers has been completely revised. A brand new look for the newsletters, which also allows you to highlight different content present on the site or other events.

It is also possible to easily share events and articles on social media, directly from the website.

Online Advertising

It is now possible to obtain advertising space on the website. Advertisements are placed strategically, they benefit from statistics and it is possible to program them according to different criteria: duration, number of displays, day of the week, etc.

Strategic support

The managers of the Réseau Affaires Verdun also benefit from strategic support in planning newsletter mailings, creating content on the site and managing it.

Does your website need a new life?

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