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Redesign of the Carta Magica online store

Carta Magica’s online store needed a new store platform, as the old one was outdated and potentially insecure.


The visual of the shop has been completely redone. The wireframes were entirely designed by Caféine Digital Agency to give the site a more pleasant visual and optimize navigation.

The new platform

The new site was built with the Crystal Commerce platform as a base. This platform is much easier to use than the old one for Carta Magica’s type of business. As the platform does not allow for a bilingual version, it was necessary to create a second version of the site and translate all the files containing text, in order to create a French version. Some parts of the code are not public, unfortunately it was not possible to translate everything.

The events calendar

As the Crystal Commerce platform does not allow events to be managed directly there, a calendar was created in Google Calendar and added to the site. We have also customized the visual of the calendar in the colors of the company.