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Creation of the Game Keeper Verdun online store

Game Keeper needed an online store to display the products available in store at the Verdun branch exclusively. This online store was created on the Crystal Commerce platform. As delivery is not a service offered by Game Keeper Verdun, it was imperative to ensure customers understood that orders could not be delivered as this was for local purchases only.

The warning

To do this, a very conspicuous red band is at the very top of the site mentioning that it is only dedicated to local purchases. In addition, a window appears once every two weeks for each visitor, which explains in great detail that delivery is not available. A disclaimer has also been placed at the very bottom of the website.


Otherwise, the site functions like any online store, except that the inventory is not necessarily representative of the branch’s current inventory. You can create a shopping list to sell your cards and make a shopping cart for pickup orders. A discount is even offered to customers who prepare their order online, in order to optimize in-store customer service.

In the future

Eventually, the inventory can be updated by employees and can serve as an online store with delivery.